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​Child Oriented
Small Classrooms
Pristine/Safe Conditions
We Make Learning Fun
Robbie's Miracle Christian Academy... serving you.
Our goal is to spread the love of Jesus Christ, as well as introducing each child to the vast universe of learning and unlocking their best potential. Education is the door to a brighter future. Let's unlock that door together.

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Our center was designed with children in mind. Bold dynamic color and decor, gives them a feeling of belonging. Which is very important in early childhood development.
No classroom will ever have more than 12-15 students. This means more personalized learning in a structured environment.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Our facility is always clean, santized, and fresh. Children learn that having order, structure, and fun is not only possible... but necessary.
Children learn more when they don't realize they are learning. We make music and interaction a key part of their learning experience.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
The Learning Curve...
Where Education and
Creativity Come Together!
We believe that access leads to excess. Children that garner knowledge in various areas, become more creative, open minded, and independent! Now, that we have introduced dance, music, and computer/tablet lab into our curriculum, our children have a wider variety of interests! Education and creativity for everyone! What could be more perfect?